1999 Interview from the (now defunct) Global Power 2000 site, conducted by Dennis Ruygrok

Travis Lyndon

1st place in the 1999 Central Canadian Strongman Competition

GP 2000: First thing I'd like to ask you is, what made you get into strength athletics?

Honestly, Michael Bade and Hugo Girard harassing me to try it.

GP 2000: What made you want to participate/compete in strongman competitions?

It sounded fun and it was also a way to compare myself against those who compete in the WSM contests.

GP 2000: What do you think was the biggest factor in helping you win the 1999 Central Canadian Exhibition Competition?

The biggest factor was I was physically bigger and stronger than the other competitors. This is not to say they were pushovers but the next biggest person to myself was approximately 6'1" and around 260 pounds.

GP 2000:Do you do more strongman training or powerlifting/gym training each week?

Well because I live in Canada and there is snow on the ground for part of the year I tend to do a lot of gym work. Because I was a powerlifter before a strongman, I have had to change my training to hit areas, which are not taxed like they are in powerlifting. My personal opinion is I have to improve my shoulder strength and have changed by training accordingly.

GP 2000: What do you find is your biggest strength in strongman? (Motivation, determination, never-quit attitude?)

For those that do not know, I live 45 minutes (driving normally) from Hugo Girard and have trained with him upon occasion. If this does not get you motivated to improve I do not know what else will. I can say with confidence that I have pushed Hugo to be better but he has helped me improve more than I have helped him right now ;-).

GP 2000: Have you ever done any unusual feats of strength? (Bend horse shoe's, nails, deadlift back of car for repairing flat tire...)

No unusual feats that you ask about but I have gotten the #3 grippers to within half an inch of closing. However, do not ask me to do it today, as I have not concentrated on getting my hand strength to that level but have increased my base strength.

GP 2000: Who has been your greatest inspiration in strongman?

I hate to say it but Hugo. I know him personally and have trained with him.

GP 2000: Where do you think the sport of strength athletics will lead to in Canada in the future? How will it progress?

I see nothing but good things for the sport of strongman in Canada. The fun part is getting the information out that we are forming organizations across this nation and getting those who may excel at this sport to competitions. I believe when Hugo wins the WSM title it will just get even better.

GP 2000: Do you think Canada has the athletes (beside yourself) to compete with the rest of the world in strongman?

Yes, I believe we have the athletes to compete with the rest of the world. Just look at the results from the Canadians. The weight of the equipment used was equivalent with what they use at the worlds. It was the first time for a lot of the contestants with the equipment and it did show. However, if you have seen some of the results from past strongmen doing it for the first time they were about the same. So, as athletes get more experience with the equipment there will be improvement.

GP 2000: Is there anything else you'd like to close with? (Thank someone; mention upcoming competitions, appearances, etc.)

I would like to thank my wife Susan for all the support she has given me. She has not missed a contest yet. I have to thank my Chiropractor Dr. Mike Reid and my Massage Therapist Robert Ploughman. Without them I would not be in as good health as I am.

As it stands currently, people in London are going to host a CFSA recognized provincial strongman contest in May. I hope thing work out so I can attend. My wife and I are expecting the birth of our first child in May (projected due date May 7).

I will leave you with our powerlifting club's motto:


GP 2000:Thank you Travis for your time, and good luck this year!