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Post by Grant » Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:01 pm

Good to have you aboard.

Due to the inordinately high number of spam registrations (30 so far today) new user registration has been disabled until php BB software has been updated to block whatever security hole is being exploited.

In the interim, if you wish to register, please use the Contact Form on the main site:

Please ensure that your real name, preferred username and email address are included. You will receive an email back with your temporary password; you may change it after you first log in.

New member applications must be approved by the forum administrator before posting privileges are granted. The Private Messaging function may initially be shut off for new members until they have proven themselves.

Use full names

** NEW RULE: You must include your real name (first and last, or first initial and last name), either in your username or in your signature line. Failure to do so will result in your application being suspended or rejected.


Please note that due to an inordinate amount of spammer signups (up to 30 per day), certain free email providers have been blocked. You may need to register using your ISP-provided email address. Spammers will be immediately banned!

Personal attacks

Personal attacks against other members will not be tolerated. There is a distinction between personal attacks and good-natured fun/trash talk; the administration recognizes that and will try to distinguish between the two.

While trying to hold to the principles of free speech, OntarioStrongman reserves the right to edit or delete posts as deemed necessary. The General Discussion forum is for strongman-related or training-related discussion. The Random Thoughts forum is for pretty much everything else.

Trading copies of WSM recorded from TV broadcasts is one thing...charging for them is another thing entirely. Please don't specifically discuss bootleg copying on a public forum, just to avoid potential liability issues.

Keeping the above in mind, please post often, don't hesitate to ask questions, and above all, enjoy yourselves! We have board members who are either professional strongman or compete at an intermediate to expert level, and who are happy to answer training or competition questions.
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