UNSANCTIONED CONTEST: Kingston, May 24th 2014

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UNSANCTIONED CONTEST: Kingston, May 24th 2014

Post by Grant » Sat May 17, 2014 1:29 pm

Unsanctioned competition, for information only. No further details are known; contact promoter directly for additional information.
Clydsdale Powers Strongest Highlander 2014

Actual location – Rideau Acres Hyw15 Kingston Ontario.
Start time 11:00 am
Dates and times - May 24th 2014.
Promoter contact information - Giles Sharpe giles.sharpe@csc-scc.gc.ca
Is contest running in conjunction with another event/festival? – Kingston Scottish Festival

List of events, weights & distances -
Clydsdale Powers Strongest Highlander 2014

Press a 200lbs keg over head then Push Press the 200lbs Yoke, finish by pressing a 200lbs Fire Hydrant to over head position. Competitors must LOCK OUT THE ELBOWS. for fastest time in 90 sec.

Toss 5 objects a 10lb sledgehammer, 25lb plate, 30lb tank, 36lb keg and a 40lb kettle bell over a 12foot bar for fastest time, max time 90 sec.

Competitor will walk with 550lb yoke for 100 feet in 90 sec or furthest distance.

Competitors will throw an 11’foot 82lb caber for distance. Competitors will have one throw. The furthest distance wins the event. If there is a line violation the throw does not count or measured.

Load 3 Stones on to barrels or platform 220lb, 250lb, 280lb, for fastest time, max time 90 sec.

Weight classes - Open
Entry fee - $50.00
Prize - Trophies for 1st 2nd & 3rd. Frist place gets a Clydsdale Powers Strongest Highlander T-shirt.
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