UNSANCTIONED EVENT: Dunnville Mudcast Festival, 13 Jun/15

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UNSANCTIONED EVENT: Dunnville Mudcast Festival, 13 Jun/15

Post by Grant » Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:15 pm

Unsanctioned competition - posted for informational purposes only. Contact promoter directly for any further details.
Location: Central Park, Dunnville Ontario
Date: Saturday June 13th

Start Time: 12:00

Details: Registration and weigh-ins are at 12pm
You can pre-register for the event on the Tewsley Auto website: http://tewsleyauto.com/yard-sale/

$15 for Early Bird fee, $20 day of competition

The Strongwoman has 3 events:

1. Strict Military Press for reps in 60 seconds
Lightweight: 95lbs
Middleweight: 115lbs
Heavy Weight: 135lbs

3 part medley - timed event
Farmers carry 95/105/115 per hand
Tire flip
Tire&rim lift

3 separate attempts of max deadlift. You have 60 seconds to complete your lift. Conventional form, no sumo.
Starting weights:
Lightweight: 215
Middleweight: 235
Heavy weight: 255

The second and third attempt is up to the competitor as to what weight you want to do.

Prizes are still TBD based on sponsorships received.
There are trophies for top 3 competitors.


Overhead Press for reps in 60 seconds
LW: 185
HW: 205
SHW: 225

Iron Cross
Weights TBD

3 Part Medley
1. Atlas stone lift
L: 200
H: 250
S: 265
2. Farmers carry
L: 105
H: 125
SH: 145
3. Car flip
Come watch our strong men flip a car a full 360! It starts on its wheels and has to end on its wheels! Definitely a must see!

And their final event is a big rig truck pull with an astonishing weight of 48,000lbs!

Sanctioning: unsanctioned
G. Buhr


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