UNSANCTIONED EVENT: Colborne, May 30, 2015

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UNSANCTIONED EVENT: Colborne, May 30, 2015

Post by Grant » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:04 pm

Note: contest is posted for informational purposes only. Please contact promoter directly for any further details.
Vito's Restaurant Hwy 2/ 48 King St East Colborne ON


Tel: 905-376-1593

Location: Colborne ON
Date: May 30/2015

Start Time: 10am

Details: Vito's Restaurant and Colborne Strength Athletics will be hosting the 1st annual Colborne Apple Blossom Festival Strongman Competition on May 30th 2015.

The events will include (likely in this order)-

5 Log Medley- 5 different logs of ascending size and weight in this order 200 lbs-220 lbs-240 lbs-260 lbs-280 lbs. Each log must be clean and pressed overhead for one rep in order from lightest to heaviest. 90 sec time limit

Fire Truck Harness Pull- 45,000 lbs Firetruck pulled over approx 100-150 ft course for fastest time or furthest distance.

Deadlift Medley- Axle 400 lbs 1 rep, Barbell from ground 500 1 rep, Trapbar 600 1 rep, Barbell from 8" Blocks 700 lbs. 1 rep. 90 sec time limit.

Yoke- 600 lbs over 100 ft course for fastest time or furthest distance

Stone over 56" Yoke Bar- Athletes will have choice of 255 stone or 285 stone. 1 rep with 285 beats any with 255. 90 sec time limit

Registration is open now, cost is $45 and can be email transferred to adriankimmett@hotmail.com.

All athletes will receive event Tshirts, free lunch at Vito's, and other prizes to be determined.

Trophies and other prizes/swag for top 3 finishers.

Registration Deadline will be April 30th 2015. Advance Registration and full payment IS required. No day of payments or entries will be accepted.

We will be capping the number of competitors at 16

Sanctioning: unsanctioned
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