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Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge 2015 - 8th Annual

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:47 pm
by John Dungey
Athletes, the 8th annual Bavarian Strongman Challenge will be held during the 2015 Oktoberfest on Saturday October 17th, noon to 5pm, Downtown Kitchener, rain or shine.

There will be 5 events:

1) KAL TIRE - Head to head tire flip 825lbs - 100'
2) Log press , 275lbs, Clean and Press from ground each rep
3) Super Yolk, 900lbs, 100' or Farmers Walk, 275lb, 200' (TBA)
4) Car Deadlift, 650-700lbs at handles, reps.
5) Atlas Stone pentagon - 250, 275, 300, 330, 360

Events subject to change and not necessarily in this order.

Registration Fee - $80.00, includes contest shirt, beverages, possible Oktoberfest event ticket (TBA).
Send via e-transfer or paypal to I will email a BIO request for our MC DJ. Athletes limited to 16.

Cash Prizes and Trophies valued at $2,000.00

Call out for a couple able bodied volunteers, for setup, event, and tear down. Shirt, food , drinks , ticket for evening athlete party event, let me know via PM or email to

Re: Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge 2015 - 8th Annu

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:27 pm
by majik
I'll come out to play John. Count me in, I'll have the entry to you before the contest.

Re: Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge 2015 - 8th Annu

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:55 pm
by John Dungey

Re: Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge 2015 - 8th Annu

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:07 pm
by John Dungey
It was great show, albeit the cold weather created difficult conditions for the athletes. The audience was supportive as they did their best to keep warm while cheering on the competitors.

We want to congratulate Ben Ruckstuhl for his first Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Championship. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Also want to congratulate Didzis Zarins from Latvia for a strong second finish. Didzis was in first place going in to the last event. The time differential between 4 athletes placing the 4th stone was enough to propel Ben in to first place. Hopefully Didzis has an excuse to come to Canada again next year and join us again. Max Boudreault was strong all day and came in 3rd, for 24 years old, this athlete has many successful years ahead of him in this sport.

Thanks again to all our gracious sponsors , including KAL Tire, Kitchener Harley Davidson, Delta Hotel Waterloo, Forbes Waterloo Mazda, Crabby Joes restaurant, I-Nutrition-Mammonth Nutrition, Civilian Printing, and the City of Kitchener /BIA for their support!

Thanks also to all our many volunteers, The Dean of Entertainment, Rebecca and Nate for your RMT volunteer efforts.