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Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:56 pm
by BenThompson
Hey guys.

Running a show in thunder bay on feb 12-14 and just wanted to post up a public invite here as we have no one representing southern ontario. We have guys from all over the states all over northern ontario , from manitoba and have lot of interest from guys in quebec and saskatchewan. Check out our fb page to see the events and details about our hotel discount. This show is for sure worth the 90 min flight from toronto airport.

Re: Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:39 pm
by BenThompson
Some more updates on the Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo - Still a couple spots in every division if anyones interested - $2800 prize money, trophies, supplements, room and food discounts.

Thunder Bay Classic 2016!

This weekend will have 4 competitions in 3 days.
- Pro strongman competition (Friday, Saturday and sunday)
- Womens division (Friday 6pm)
- Push/pull powerlifting competition (Saturday 10am)
- amateur/Beginner strongman (sunday 10am)

Pro Strongman:
Athletes will compete in a 3 day show, with 2 events being held on each day. This contest is for athletes who have competed before, and are looking to take a step up to the next level. the weight options on certain events are to allow younger competitors to do some lifts, while allowing elite competitors to show their skills.
Day 1
- Max axle clean and press (opening at 250lb, 25lb jumps)
19 inch deadlift - 700,850 or 1000lb for reps (lifter chooses weight, 1 rep with higher weight beats any reps with lower weight)
Day 2
- Circus Dumbell for reps- head to head. 140 , 170 or 200lb for reps.
- Yoke Carry - 20ft course for max weight - opening at 600lb and in 100lb jumps
Day 3
- Front Squat (likely barbell, with large tires on end) for reps. lifters choice of 330lb, 400lb or 460lb for reps. - This will be judged for depth, and must be sunk well below depth, anything that is even close will be a no lift.
- Max Timber Frame Carry - Arnold Classic Style - 20ft course opening at 600lb. no straps allowed.

Contest fee will be $75 and includes all 3 days

Prizes include cash prize for top 5 and trophies for top 3.

Womens Division:
Barbell clean and press for max - opening at 80lb - 10lb jumps
18 inch deadlift - choice of 150lb, 250lb and 300lb for reps.
Barbell squat - 135 or 185 for reps. Lifters choice, 1 rep with higher weight beats any reps with lower weight.

Contest Fee $20 per athlete. Prizes include trophies for top 3 and cash prize for 1st

Push/Pull powerlifting competition:
standard deadlift and bench press- powerlifting rules. 3 attempts. mens and womens division as long as theres enough interest. open weight class for women and mens weight classes under 170lb, 171-220lb and 220lb+

Contest fee $30 Per athlete. Prizes include trophies and cash prize for 1st

Amateur/Beginner strongman:
Barbell clean and press -175 or 225 lifters choice
Keg Carry for 100ft.
Frame carry -20ft

Contest Fee $25 per athlete. Trophies for top 3 and cash prize for 1st.

Athletes have until the day of to register. However to secure your spot, your entry fee must be paid in advance. e mail to register.

e mail for any questions


Pro Strongman:

Scott Weech - Lakeland , Florida
Jean-Francois Caron - Quebec
Kyle Rayner - Thunder Bay
Josh Arlauskas - Timmins, ON
James Mohns - Regina, Sask.
Marcos Ferrari - Brazil
Glauco Benigni - Brazil
Alan Colley - Orlando, Florida
Doug Madewell - Dayton, Ohio
Maxime Boudreault - Kapuskasing, On
Travis Krushelnicki - Regina, Sask.
Jacob Dagel -Iowa, USA
Jared Wick - Thunder Bay
Ben Thompson- Thunder Bay
Kris Hald- Thunder Bay
Ryan Fodchuk- Thunder Bay
Will Haskell- Thunder Bay
Jake Dipaolo -Thunder Bay
Dave Lennox - Thunder Bay
James Alcock- Dryden, On
Andre Pellerin - Thunder Bay

Power Lifting:

Andre Vaillant - heavyweight
Justin Lukasek - lightweight
Colum Hanlon - middleweight
Matt (matthias) Flis- middleweight
Austin White - lightweight
Thomas Aro - Middleweight
Regan Gutta - lightweight
Logan Blake - Lightweight
Cam Ivan - lightweight
Thomas Akis - heavyweight
Josh Goodman - lightweight
Derek Packota - middleweight
Adam Czinkota - Heavyweight
Calen Fennell - Lightweight
Liam Hopkins-Beaupre - Middleweight
Joe Baxter - middleweight
Matt Canning - Lightweight
Blade Collins - Middleweight
Jade Mauro - Lightweight
Colin Walker - Middleweight
Peter Scalzo - Heavyweight
Mark Bystrician - Middleweight
Mike Franklin - Middleweight
Josh McCart - Lightweight
Jordan Da Silva - Middleweight
Yanick Baillargeon - Middleweight

Womens Division:

Melissa Thompson
Amber Miller - Regina, Saskatchewan
Shannon Moore
Jenni -Lynne Morris
Marie Mananquil - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jan Miller
Tricia Forde
Kelsey Huezo
Savanna Luckasavitch
Amy Price
Ashley Harasym
Jackie Boyes
Steph Fimognari
Holly McRae
Jennifer Steele
Kateri Skaarup
Ash Ceresino
Becky Keighley
Amanda Blake

Amateur/ Beginner Strongman:

Matt (matthias) Flis
Scott Harwood
Dan Wilder
Charles Burak
Thomas Akis
Evan Kehler - Altona, Manitoba
Corey Wesley
Ozzy Cecchini - Timmins
Nick Falcetta
David Safronyck
Andrew Ten Hoeve
Dave Jonczyk Sr.
Corey Bochko
Dalton Sparks
Jerry Farmer -Ohio, USA
Rob Hainstock
Jason Jagodich
Michael Bengtsson

Re: Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:36 pm
by Grant
Final placings:
final-TBC.jpg (60.58 KiB) Viewed 19948 times

Re: Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:41 pm
by BenThompson
Thanks for posting results Grant.

This Event will be running again in 2017. Over the weekend we had 30 booths, 800 spectators and 64 athletes doing their thing all weekend to raise funds for charity.

In 2017 our pro strongman payout will be $3000, $1100, $700, $400, $100, $50 ....... so I am expecting to see some faces of elite strongmen from southern Ontario at the event. Expect Top strongmen from Canada, USa, Brazil and the UK to be there.