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PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:01 pm 
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Hey everyone,

Here is the other interview I've done. Obviously for anyone on the board we all know Luke but for anyone visiting and reading this Luke 'The Iron Viking' Skaarup is one of, if not the, most powerful guys in the province with some very impressive lifts under his belt and some impressive competitions. Some include multiple top 3 finishes at Ontario's strongest man, competing at the Arnold Classic World Amateur Strongman Championship and when he managed to cut down to lightweight I believe he was 2nd at Nationals.

Here's what Luke had to say:
Age: 31
Height: was 6’-0”…now 5’-11 ½”…lost some height since starting powerlifting and strongman
Weight: 285lbs
Occupation: Professional Engineer and Regional Manager for Construction & Maintenance with Union Gas
Years Lifting: 15 years of 4 or more days per week…played around for 4 years before that
Years Strongman: 4 years
Years Competing: 4 years strongman, 2 years powerlifting, 3 years bodybuilding

What got you into lifting?
Watching guys like Arnold, WWF wrestling, and the fact that I was one of the fat kids from Gr. 6 to Gr. 8…I wanted to change that and knew weight training was the answer
What got you into strongman?
I always watched WSM and loved it. It wasn’t until someone I knew, Dallas Hogan, started doing it that I thought it was even possible for me.

How did you train when you started out in the sport?
Like a bodybuilder with regular amounts of bench, squats, and deadlifts. I remember training for the log press by doing max power clean and presses…not even the same movement…LOL.
How has this progressed and how do you train currently?
Getting access to all of the various equipment is key. Now that I have that I train 2 days per week events, 2 days weights, and 1 day for conditioning. Off season I train in waves: 1) Recovery/Bodybuilding, 2) Gym Strength, 3) Maintenance 4) Gym Strength.
What's the biggest lesson you've learned about training? It’s easy to over do it. I try to press no more than 4 times per week with 2 of those sessions being heavy. Changing things up really helps, I add variety to my workouts regularly.
What are some of your PBs?
-Raw: Bench 455lbs, Squat- 615lbs x 3 reps, deadlift 750lbs. Suited Squat 725lbsx2, Suited DL 765lbs x 3 rps
-Max Log 330lbs, for reps 285lbsx6 reps
-Max stone 400lbs to 52”, 5 stone run- 29s
-900lbs yoke for 100ft in 26s
What is a general day of eating like for you?
Breakfast is always the same, eggs and cereal, I eat a snack between lunch and then eat something with protein and some carbs, I’ll have a shake a piece of fruit and a bar for next snack, I’ll eat a dinner with meat and pasta or potatoes and with have a shake before bed…because a lot of my job is at a desk, I don’t need as many calories as I used to. I’m at around 4500 cal/day right now to maintain 285lbs. I focus on my protein and carbs and try to get all of my fats from oils. I always eat some psyllium fiber with breakfast. I will have 1 to 3 shakes of protein per day.
What nutritional guidelines have helped you attain the size you have?Eat Regular Meals with protein in every meal. I also eat more carbs before I workout and eat less of them after I work out. I pay a fair amount of attention to glycogen prior to training.

What are some quick tips that come to mind on the following:
Yoke- Look ahead, take small narrow steps to start and then pick up speed. Don’t be scared of the weight. If you happen to drop it, pick it up immediately and keep the momentum going.
Farmers- Get a solid grip and go. If you have small hands, focus on thick handled implements otherwise they will cost you.
Stones- jam your hands under the stone as much as you can, under the centre, squeeze the stone and pull it up to your lap, drive up with your hips and pull the stone onto your chest. Don’t lap the stone for more than a second, don’t be scared of it…keep with it. Figure out how to deal with tacky in all conditions.
Tire- Ease into it, do more with each training session to the point where you’re doing max reps in 75s or you are doing 13 or 14 flips with a heavy tire. Figure out the best way to move the tire as fast as possible, one motion it if you can. Work up to doing 100ft runs…that’s what you will see at CSM.
Deadlift- different for everyone. Focus on improving the worst part of your lift (lockout, initial pull, grip) and your numbers will increase.
Axle- I have no idea…still can do this properly. Practice push pressing I guess
Log- practice your cleans, push press, and lockout power.
Grip- not a strength of mine. Work with a thick rope and FW holds have improved my grip. I need more thick handled stuff now.
Overtraining- can be balanced by supps, food, and rest. Being realistic though, if you go to train an exercise or bodypart and you’re still aching from the last time…you might want to give it a few more days.
Peaking for a contest- Good idea if you can manage it. I always work towards a contest but when there’s a bunch close together it doesn’t always work out. I always take a light week before a contest and may take one afterwards if I’m really beat up from a heavy 2 day show.

Finally, any predictions for OSM/CSM in the coming year?
Top 3 will be the same: Paul, Eric, Luke. Who places higher depends on the events, injuries, and a bit of luck.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:39 am 
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After reading this I was reminded of my first few workouts. I was about 8 or 9 years old and my friend Shaun got the "Official Hulk Hogan Workout Set" for Christmas, it came with dumbbells, a workout cassette, Hulkamania bandana, a Hulkamania ripped shirt, and a poster of the Hulkster. We must have worn out that cassette doing curls, push ups, and practicing the hulkster's posing routine...LOL...good times for sure.

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