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We would appreciate it if you, the promoter, would supply the following information to be incorporated into your Competition Details page.

  • Actual location
  • Dates and times
  • Your contact information
  • Is contest running in conjunction with another event/festival?
  • List of events, weights & distances (if known)
  • Weight classes (if any)
  • Entry fee (if any)
  • Prize/travel money (if any)
  • Will this contest be OSA sanctioned?

Please email details via the information form at the right.

If you are interested, we can email you a Promoter Best Practices package that addresses event setup and rules, judging, scoring, and some tips and tricks, along with scoring sheets.

Benefits of Sanctioning

  • Advertising: top billing on site
  • Link provided to your sponsors
  • Online Registration
  • Two-way forum discussion topic opened
  • Athlete confidence: OSA-approved equipment, rules and referees
  • Sanctioning fee goes towards maintaining the Ontario Association