Profile: Travis Lyndon


In 1993, Travis joined the Ottawa YMCA to get back in shape, since he was no longer competing in team sports. Here, he met members of the Ottawa Strong Powerlifting Club and was hooked. With the assistance of past powerlifting champions, he entered his first contest and finished with a 600kg total, missing first place by 2.5kg. Travis spent many years improving his PL totals, and at the '98 Canadian Powerlifting Championships in Richmond BC, he set PRs in the squat and deadlift and captured his first National Super Heavy Weight Title with a 775kg total. The following year, at the '99 Nationals in Charlottetown PEI, Travis won with an 802.5kg total.

Prior to the '99 Nationals, Travis met Hugo Girard (10th - 1998 World's Strongest Man, 4th - 1999 World's Strongest Man). Since Travis was the current two-time Canadian Powerlifting Champion, he was invited to represent Ontario at the 1999 Canada's Strongest Man competition in Quebec City, Quebec. In his first strongman appearance, he finished seventh out of 16 athletes. Experiencing a surge of enthusiasm for the growing sport, he then put on and competed in the 1999 Central Canada Exhibition Strong Man contest in Ottawa and finished first out of 10 competitors. The following weekend he placed third out of 12 competitors at the 2nd Annual Gatineau Strong Man contest.

In 2000, Hugo Girard spearheaded the organization of the Canadian Federation of Strength Athletes (CFSA) and the establishment of regional competitions. Travis, as Ontario's unofficial representative to the CFSA, worked with others in the province to set up the first annual Ontario's Strongest Man contest. At the inaugaral 2000 OSM, Travis became Ontario's Strongest Man. He went on to finish fifth in the 2000 CSM - and has never looked back.

Travis achieved one goal by competing in the World's Strongest Man, but subsequent attempts were marred by injury, ultimately forcing him to announce his official retirement in August 2006. Travis still remains active in the sport, as he is much in demand as a promoter and referee.


1st Ontarios Strongest Man
1st Ontarios Strongest Man -- Provincials (North Bay)
2nd Canada's Strongest Man -- Nationals (Gatineau, QC)
1st 2005 Dubreuilville Pro Invitational
3rd 2004 Canada's Strongest Man (Nationals)
1st 2004 Ontarios Strongest Man (Provincials)
1st 2003 Ontario's Strongest Man, Ottawa
7th *inj 2003 Canada's Strongest Man
7th World Musclepower Championships, Dolbeau-Mistassini QC
11th Northeast Strongman Showdown, Wilmington MA
3rd 2002 Canada's Strongest Man, North Bay ON
3rd Midwest Strongman Challenge, Columbus OH
3rd *inj 2002 Ontario's Strongest Man, Hawkesbury ON
1st 2002 Gatineau Balloon Festival, Gatineau QC
3rd (in heat) Worlds Strongest Man Qualifiers (Zambia) - first reserve/tester for finals
2nd Gatineau Balloon Festival, Gatineau QC
1st Festival Strongman, North Bay ON
2nd Canada's Strongest Man, Dolbeau-Mistassini QC
8th World's Strongest Team, Hungary
1st Ontario's Strongest Man, London ON
5th Canada vs USA, Hull QC
4th Northeast Strongman Showdown, Wilmington MA
5th Gatineau Balloon Festival, Gatineau QC
5th Canada's Strongest Man, Quebec City QC
4th Great Lakes Challenge, Tawas MI
1st Ontario's Strongest Man, London ON
3rd Gatineau Balloon Festival, Gatineau QC
1st Central Canada Exhibition Strongman, Ottawa ON
7th Canada's Strongest Man, Quebec City QC


Born: 1968
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 340 lbs


1999 Interview