Profile: Troy Adam Goodfellow


Troy is a full-time member of the Army's 1st Battalion - the Royal Canadian Regiment (1 RCR) Infantry unit out of Petawawa, Ontario. He is a single father, with 2 boys. He began training in Kabul, Afghanistan while serving on OP Athena with 3 RCR Para Coy in 2003-2004 and competed in an international powerlifting competition against soldiers from various countries. He placed second on bench and first in deadlift, winning the "Strongest Man" award for the competition. Upon returning to Canada, Troy looked into Strongman competitions after seeing them on TV, thinking, "I can do that!". Subsequently, he met Travis Lyndon, who introduced him to Hugo Girard (Canada's Strongest Man). He trained with Hugo, Jessen Paulin, Dominic Filiou, Steve Bourgeois and Mark Pilon, learning a lot, and committed himself to the amateur circuit, winning some and placing on the podium on others. His next goal is to become Ontario's Strongest Man -- following that, to qualify for the Canadians in the years to come. He is a member of the ARMY Tug "O" War team, which placed 3rd in the Ontario Tug "O" War Association circuit and second in the Canadian Qualifiers (in Grand Bend, ON) for the Worlds. He is a Personnel Trainer specializing in body composition, explosive power routines and strength and endurance training. Chief Coordinator of T-Roy Productions - (613) 639-5771 - for Organization of Strongman Events, Rentals of Strongman Equipment and Personnel Training. Percentage of the T-Roy Productions profits are donated to Charity( some events are organized as fund raisers and all proceeds are donated). Thanks to Paul Channing and Bee Line Wreckers at (613) 735-3376 for their help, as well as Sean at Performance Nutrition - good luck brother, stay alert!


10th (injured) Dubreuilville Pro Invitational
2nd Wise Wellness Open Strongman (USA)
8th Ontario's Strongest Man
2nd Petawawa "Pro" Invitational
2nd Toronto Fitness Festival Strongman
t 2nd (HW) Dunnville Mudcat Festival
8th Ontario's Strongest Man - Provincials (North Bay)
3rd (HW class) Woodstock
7th 2005 Dubreuilville Pro Invitational
5th Kingston's Strongest Man
1st Dunnville Mudcat Festival Strongman (HW)
4th *inj. Haileybury (HW)
6th *inj. Ottawa's Strongest Man

Best Lifts (2005): Bench - 450 lbs, Deadlift - 685 lbs, Squat - 685 lbs


Born: 1978

Height: 6'2"    Weight: 300 lbs
neck: 19"        Chest: 54"
Arms: 22"       waist: 38"
Quads: 30"     calves: 20"


Troy Goodfellow - 275 log

275 log - '06 OSM

330 stone

330 Atlas Stone - '05 OSM

Troy Goodfellow - tire flip

Tire Flip
'06 Wise Wellness

Troy Goodfellow - keg race

Keg Race
'06 Wise Wellness

Troy Goodfellow - Atlas Stone

Atlas Stones
'06 Dubreuilville

Troy GOodfellow - deadlift

Deadlift - Afghanistan meet

Afghanistan meet

Afghanistan competitors

Troy Goodfellow - 670 lb yoke

670# yoke
'05 Woodstock

Troy Goodfellow - 225lb Log Press

225# Log Press
'05 Woodstock

Troy Goodfellow - 760# Tire Flip

Tire Flip
'05 Woodstock

Troy Goodfellow - wheelbarrow

'05 OSM

Troy Goodfellow - medley

'05 OSM

Troy Goodfellow - Log Press

Log Press
'05 DPI

Troy Goodfellow - Sled Pull

Sled Pull
'05 DPI

Troy Goodfellow - Truck Pull

Truck Pull
'05 DPI