2nd Annual Renfrew Strongman Competition

Date: 1 October 2006

Rating: Novice to Intermediate

Location: Railway Ave, Renfrew ON (downtown Renfrew, Town Hall)

Guiding Bodies: Not sanctioned

Weight Classes: Open


The 2nd Annual Renfrew Classic was a success, with interesting and challenging events, including an uphill medley. This competition also marked the return of Steve Stackpole to competition after an early-season injury -- in winning form. Unique prizes included an Atlas Stone and a broadsword.

John Villeneuve won the "Blood and Guts" award, as voted by his fellow athletes.


Download results in .pdf format.

2.5" DB Clean & Press
for max, rising bar, timed
Chain Yoke
565 lb, 40', 1 drop
Car Deadlift
(Toyota Corolla) for reps
Forward Hold
60 lb chain and handle
405 lb conan's carry (chain yoke)
405 lb duck walk
230 lb stone carry
40' course, 2 min time limit

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