Updated: 12-2-2002
By: J.V. Askem

Time is running short!!!!!!
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My first tumor shown by an MRL, May 8th, 2002.
The tumor was removed May 9th, 2002
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Three month checkup, August 29, 2002.
A Cat Scan shows no new tumor.
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A second 3 month checkup, November 27th, 2002.
This was not scheduled for 6 months, but symptoms of memory loss
dictated a new NRL. Result, a new tumor on the other side.

I have only 3 to 6 months to live. I will update this page
depending upon the state of my mind. Reading and writing
have become very difficult. I have lost part of the alphabet. So
I apologize for grammatical errors that my spell checker misses.

I am turning over all books, tapes, with copyrights
to IronMind Enterprises. Any profits from any sales
will be donated to the Paul Anderson Youth Home.

Sincerely: J. V. Askem
All the best with your training.