Tire flipping for GPP


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This article is a brief rundown of how you can use tire flipping for Gpp. 

Lets go over some tips for actual flipping technique:


1.     Don’t dead lift the tire.

2.     Go fast.

3.     Chase the tire.

4.     Achieve triple extension.

5.      Use your chest 

Let’s review these one at a time, tip number one is don’t dead lift the tire.  

This is a Gpp exercise, not a meet. You want to set up, almost in a three 

 point stance for football. Dig your chest into the tire, and try to push the tire  

forward across the ground. Do this explosively. Don’t try to stand up with  

the tire, if you push forward, it will come up. 

(Marci in start position.)

Tip two is go fast. If you think you are going fast, go faster. Tire flipping 

is an extremely explosive lift. Just like sports, this requires speed, and 

 agility. Move quickly. 

Tip three is chase the tire. This means once you have flipped the pig, don’t 

 wait for it to fall. Chase after it, and start to flip it again as soon as it hits  

the ground.     

Tip four, achieve triple extension. Triple extension is extension of the 

 ankles, knees, and hips. Triple extension is something we look for in the 

 Olympic lifts.

(Traci reaching triple extension.)

 The reason we look for it is because it shows the athlete is 

properly “firing” the center of power in order. Triple extension is very  


Lastly, tip five, is use your chest. This ties into tip one, but needs some more  

explanation. You need to bury your chest onto the center of the tire ideally, 

if you can’t go to the center, try to stay as low as you can. Once positioned 

properly, push forward with the “Center of Power” (posterior chain, hips),  

driving the chest into the tire. Minimize using your arms to lift it up.  

Let’s discuss training methods for a second. One of the best techniques we  

use at TPS is the “Indian run” The “Indian run” can be done many ways but  

our two favorites are as follows: we usually use a 650-pound tire for most of  

our training, line up 3-10 athletes, and begin flipping the tire one after the  

other. You should be running in as soon as the guy in front of you has 

completed his flip. We generally do this for 10-30 minutes, depending on  

how many athletes there are. This method keeps your heart rate elevated, but   

not so high that you can’t function. You get just enough rest between flips  

that you can still generate explosive power, and still be breathing heavy 


The next technique we use is another version of the “Indian run”, it is done

 basically the same, but the athletes will flip the tire three times each, and go 

 for 8-15 minutes.  This way is much more difficult, and should not be 

 attempted until you form, and speed on single flips are mastered. 

Incorporate these techniques into your Gpp training, and you’ll find, 

as we have, that anaerobic threshold will increase, as well as your ability to 

generate speed. Feel free to contact us with any questions on this lift, or  

other training questions. 

About the authors:

C.J. Murphy is the owner, and head strength coach of Total Performance Sports in Everett, Massachusetts. He is an award-winning trainer with multiple certifications, and over 13 years experience in the trenches training many athletes to championship levels. He is also a competitive strongman athlete.

Bob Jodoin is the director of strength and conditioning for Total Performance Sports. He is also a trainer with multiple certifications as well as an accomplished power lifter and strongman competitor.

Total Performance Sports is a private training facility located in Everett, Massachusetts, offering multiple martial arts, kickboxing, personal training and a very unique strength and conditioning

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