This is Ontario Strongman - once home of the Ontario Strongman Association, and your internet source for Strongman information in the Province of Ontario since 2003. Check out our Resources section for articles, workout spreadsheets and our Links section for an archived version of J.V. Askem's classic instructional site.

The site - and the Ontario Strongman Association - came into existence at a time where there was no cohesive direction from the national level, and no central point for Ontario promoters and athletes to come together, plan shows, plan training and workshops, or just communicate with one another. The website admirably fulfilled the stated purpose of organizing and bringing athletes and promoters together across the province, and the Association mandated rules and standards for sanctioned competitions, and fought for (and won) the right to select the athletes to participate in "Canada's Strongest Man".

All things must come to an end. Currently, Maxime Boudreault manages Strongman Corporation Canada with representation in each province or geographic area. With this in mind, the OSA will no longer be "sanctioning" competitions, and this website will be updated only sporadically, unless promoters wish to post their competitions on our Facebook page. This site will remain online only to provide a resource and an archive for past competitions. Please check the Strongman Corporation Canada website for local sanctioned competitions.


Please contact Strongman Corporation Canada if you are interested in hosting a sanctioned competition, or send your event link to our Facebook page for additional exposure.