Training Resources


How To Get Started In Strongman: A Basic Primer
From OntarioStrongman - UPDATED 14 May 2006

Making Fibreglass Atlas Stone Molds
From OntarioStrongman -- includes stone mass-to-diameter and diameter-to-mass calculators.
added 6 Feb 2005
Strongman Training
From Total Performance Sports

Atlas Stone Training
By Clint Darden - added 26 June 2004

Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Weights
From OntarioStrongman -- includes all suitable tires from 750 - 1100 lbs (right-click, save as).
added 14 May 2006

Tire Flipping for GPP
From Total Performance Sports

Strongman as Sports Specific Conditioning
From Total Performance Sports - added 25 Sep 2003

Westside Principles applied to the Log Press
From Total Performance Sports

Westside Principles applied to GPP
From T-Mag

Westside and Stone Lifting
From Total Performance Sports

Smolov Squat Cycle
by Pavel Tsatsouline

Westside Training
The Periodization Bible - Part 2
From T-Mag

Westside Training Notes
Notes from Louie Simmons' Powerlifting Training Seminar
From Sean Anderson

Training on the Road - The MacGyver Workout
From T-Mag - added 30 Oct 2003

Deadlift Article by Gerrit Badenhorst
from the old World Power and Strength site - added 23 May 2005


Magnusson/Ortmayer Deadlift Program Spreadsheet
From Ken Nowicki. Right-click, select "Save As" - added 5 Sep 2010

Frozenkilt's Complete 8-Week Pressing Program Spreadsheet
From OntarioStrongman. Right-click, select "Save As" - added 16 Oct 2005

Periodized 6 Week Compound Movement Spreadsheet
From OntarioStrongman. Right-click, select "Save As" - added 19 Apr 2005

Periodized 8 Week Press / Squat Spreadsheets
From OntarioStrongman. Right-click, select "Save As" - added 30 Jan 2004

Coan/Phillipi Deadlift Program and Spreadsheet

Twelve Week Deadlift Spreadsheet
Right-click, select "Save As"

8/16 Week 5x5 Workout Generator
From OntarioStrongman. Right click, select "Save As"

Wave Loading Spreadsheet
From Dan88z. Right click, select "Save As"

Stone Mass Spreadsheet
From Jason Keen. Right-click, select "Save As"

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